Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Scotch & Easy Women

& Easy Women

I made
an unsteady
climb up
the rocks
and peered
over the rim
of my glass.

We had
been down
at the bottom
for three pours
so my self-loathing
couldn’t make
the ascent.

The night’s
menu seemed
to be mostly
day old tarts
and a few
that still needed
some time
on the vine.

It shouldn’t
take more than
a couple rounds
and a half dozen
lies before
my self-loathing
has a new partner
in crying.



Eden Baylee said...

Oh my god, Steven. You made my heart sink with this one.

Natasha Head said...

Misery loves company...especially when your rock climbing in a glass. Love the title...can't help but get a bluesy vibe going on...and while the write is sad...there's a tone to the piece that tells me the writer will enjoy the moment, wallow in some self-pity...and move on to the next

billclaybrook said...

me and scotch are great buddies.Even through the tears.I think one of the most powerful sounds is Scotch pouring into a glass.

Brian Miller said...

well dinner sounds atrocious so you will probably need twice as much...and i dont know that will make you feel any better.

blog hit.

Claudia said...

love how you capture emotions steve...stripped bare of the wrappers they usually hide behind..

Aaron Kent said...

Ace poem, I sat and read it and then couldn't help but let my eyes wander to the hipflask on my bedside cabinet.
Very impressive poem.

My offering:

Caty said...

the first stanza was attention grabbing and the rest followed suit.