Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday's Manifesto!

Tuesday’s Manifesto!

Tonight is mine and I will
embrace my love like a warrior
come home from a long campaign.
I will caress her and dance
until we will fall to the ground,
sated, all sweat and smiles.
We will catch our breath,
rest in each other’s arms
and reorder for another run.
Another grab for immortality,
a glimpse of perfection, until
all our strength is spent
and we surrender to sleep.

Tomorrow if I wake, I will
live my day with joy and wonder,
like child on Christmas morning.
And I will be resolute and approach
the day with the quiet the endurance
of one who knows the comedy
and the tragedy, knows the wretchedness
and magnificence that lies ahead.
Because for me, for us, there is no finish line,
no end zone waiting in the distance.
There is only an ending that will
come too quick for most and, sadly,
not soon enough for others.



Brian Miller said...

mmm i feel for those that it will not come soon enough, they live in contrast to your life in the first stanza....living and to the full, exhausted and sated....nice man...

Eden Baylee said...

What Brian said...word for word.


Todd Alan Kraft said...

I like the lilting alliteration... I think the arriving too late and arriving too soon applies to a lot of things in life. It would be nice to be suspended in the moment... Really nice read. Thanks.

ayala said...

Love the sentiment and living life to the fullest.

Anonymous said...

To be able to live lightly, we have to learn to live in the moment. Sadly, most of us are too busy either running from our past or straining towards some imagined future to appreciate what we have now.

Interesting that you chose to illustrate this with a picture of the Sysiphus story: for him the end could not come soon enough, but of course, it never came.

Mama Zen said...

Really outstanding work.