Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SWF Seeks...

She wants
to be hung
half naked
by her wrists
while he
etches her
with his blade.
She longs
for beaded blood
and tiny streams,
to roll down
her body;
stain her skirt.

She's never
been loved
that way.
No one
has ever tried
to please her
with such artistic
There is no he
Who would
such a need,
no one who
would let her
truly surrender


Re-posted from Sleep Snort Fuck


Brian Miller said...

oh snap...you know on some level this speaks to our self pleasing without seeking out what i partner really wants...nice one shot..

Timoteo said...

I've responded to some pretty weird personal ads, but...

Christopher Reilley said...

Is it weird that I found this exciting? ;-)

Claudia said...

you know - this made me almost start crying because of this despair and urge to FEEL the love even if it hurts..

Steven Marty Grant said...

You can see that I signed that piece KMB/SMG. That is because it was adapted from a note sent to me by a friend. She was in a mental facility at the time undergoing treatment for self mutilation. The note was so sad and desperate that it really disturbed me. The poem uses all of her original language with minor edits. I just rearranged the order of the thoughts to give them a better flow. She is also a very talented writer but so torn apart inside she is barely able to function

Monty said...

holy shit. you captured the right raw words for that image. I'm left speechless. . .well, almost :) great oneshot

signed...bkm said...

what an awful complusion self mutilation...the mind so frail, the feminine denies itself in so many aspects of life turning on itself as if it were the enemy...well done steve...bkm

Anonymous said...

I don't know.

Steve Isaak said...

Excellent, striking piece.

Unknown said...

Woah! I'm skewered! Intense. Image too!

kfrogg said...

wow she needs good that would take care of her like a lady should be treated id would treat as a goddess