Sunday, December 11, 2011

Beneath the Rose

Beneath the Rose

Meet me
under cover(s)
in clandestine
trust betrayal,
lust and fate
to Harpocrates

crimson petals,
we can sate
carnal appetites,
well beyond
prying eyes,
our secrets safe
beneath the rose.

Meet me
in our holy place
and confess
your dark wishes.
Let us do
the unspeakable
shielded by
the gift of Eros.

I will hold you
and whisper
“Sub rosa,
my secret love”.
For we are gods
and our deeds,
cannot be judged
by mortals.


Listen to @m_blanc_ read "Beneath the Veil" (the poem posted in the comment below)


m_blanc_ said...

for we are godly... :))

Bewitched, desire spills

wine between her breasts

with tongued

Essences caressed

along her thighs

tracing contoured

hearts, exceeding God’s affair

in time for dreams to collide.

moon-fed flirtations nurture

the madness; Through linen-pressed

vigilance they whisper

an ancient text; overdue

across a darkened landscape: how

this startles life from sleep.

Against a paper sun, her leaves

shed to an unfathomable surface,

compelled to never exclude him.

She turns from sleep

to kiss the palm of his back,

opening heavens on their interior: a haunting

Intimacy, gliding silently

as if an Engraving through the air.

Would, once the air falls still once more

and life returns to slumber,

the Infinity where their ecstasy dissolved,

still taste of them?….

Steve Isaak said...

Romantic, mythological metaphorical, solid.

Diana Lee said...

Romantic, erotic, perfect.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, sumptious and I'm feeling a little dizzt now :)

Anonymous said...

Vivid and romantic. The poem lands perfectly. The last four lines are wonderful.

Semaphore said...

Great way to weave the implicitness of "sub rosa" - in all its meanings - into a poem so appropriate for the season. But to inject that subtle hint of hubris into the protagonist's voice - "we are gods" - that is uniquely memorable.

Carys said...

Oh I like this - I like this a lot! The combination of 'Harpocrates' and 'sub rosa' make for a very potent brand of secrecy.

hedgewitch said...

Sub rosa but not subfusc at all. The secret love has a sweetness all its own, as sure as the rose has a thorn.

Reilley said...

Loved the sub rosa references, very well written, and like Sam, the final hubris was excellent.

Anonymous said...

"...confess your dark wishes."
Clever. Subtle. Love that what they're doing in secret should be confessed as well! Loved it!

Brian Miller said...

whew this is that moment yes we are...this was a delishious write...

signed...bkm said...

oh love the ending...we are gods and our deeds can not be judged by mortals...nice...bkm

Beachanny said...

I had a friend from the South who always spoke of one sleeping as "lying in the arms of Morpheus". This poem will remain with me in the lines leaving passion to Harpocrates discretion. Filled with sensuality that heeds no warnings. Beautifully written. Well done! Gay @beachanny

Jessica Kristie said...

Romantic and full of lovely emotions. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes we're men, sometimes we'd like to think we're gods, which means sometimes we're wrong. Fine, fine piece.

Terresa said...

A clandestine escape via words...(how it is I get this so well? :)

Enjoyed this poem, its pitch and diction, every last drop. (Not to mention the rose imagery holds specific & personal meaning to me, made me smile to see it here.)

Shashi said...

Truly enjoyed it ... thanks for a wonderful post..

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter @VerseEveryDay

Eden Baylee said...

This is wonderfully sinful and erotic.

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