Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Be Holden

Be Holden

John Lennon

was shot on a
Monday night
falls fast in the
perilous city
(e)scape can be
difficult after
the sun goes
down on her
and she moans
in surrender
unto Caesar
that which is
not God's dead
after all the news
that's fit reported
that too decades
before Chapman
went looking
for the ducks



Brian Miller said...

ha. brilliant. love the wicked flow you got going on and the order out of the chaos...thanks for linking u with one shot!

Anonymous said...

Excellent write...well-constructed with a beautiful flow!! Thanks for sharing :)

dustus said...

Amazing. I've read Catcher a few times and think your poem is outstanding in its references and depth. Thanks for sharing it with us!

TALON said...

The pacing was awesome - just flew right along and got smacked with the images :)

Gwei Mui said...

ooh love the natural pace you inject into this piece

Anonymous said...

Like a galloping freight train, I was swept along with this piece. It bears repeat readings. Too cool! :)

John's comments said...

jet engine pacing and clever looping.I do poetry for fun rather than publication so for this week only, I’ve nervously posted an example from each of my blogs: an Elegy from Scribbles and Diversions, a Gogyohka from Random Twitter Stories, and free verse poem from Random Short Stories.

Claudia said...

had to re-read it a few times - like the flow and development - a lot!

Steven Marty Grant said...

I wrote this in a structure that I play with sometimes. Last word of one sentance is the first word of the next. The circular aspect is the hard part when you use random ideas

PattiKen said...

That is so intriguing. I had to stop trying to follow it to follow it, if you know what I mean. Once I got into the flow, it carried me along with so many images flashing by. Very cool.

Khakjaan Wessington said...

SMG, I was going to note that, but you did already. Good one. Stream of consciousness search algorithm.

joanny said...

Clever, witty writing, a hard concept to achieve in poetry and pull off so nicely here. Not many can do this and have it so well crafted.


moondustwriter said...

I should say that piece out paces the reader.
Ya wanna do a class.

That was great Steven - glad you shared this with the One Shot Wednesday bunch

smiles from the moon

Desert Rose said...

AWESOME! that piece is so much different and i loved every word..i am a John Lennon fan,"imagine" was one song i keep listening to whenever i miss the man..what an amazing poem! i love your blog,your ideas are pulling my head to read them all..:)
i will soon pass by every one of them..:)
thanks for sharing it,and the follow to my blog,means a lot..:)

Pete Marshall said...

been away for a week and am catching up..a very clever poem.well written..cheers Pete