Monday, December 28, 2009

Judges Report*

Judges Report

“This piece was interesting
but it needs a stronger voice,
and perhaps a little rhyming"
was this judges sage advice.

The title “Pome eighty one (81)”
Must’ve left her a bit confused,
if I Bribed Her with a Cupcake
might she have been enthused?

You see I never liked the fare
served At the Paradox Cafe,
for it lacks originality
and has little new to say.

I prefer the new horizons
and the places yet unseen
to a meal of tepid pabulum
or some rehashed old cuisine.

I want to redefine the genre
and to tear down all the walls,
if it’s not your idea of poetry
you’re free to lick my balls!

*Author's note: This piece was written after I got a pretty harsh review from one of the judges in the monthly Notes & Grace Notes contest.

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Eden Baylee said...

Ha, I don't know about the one they didn't like but I like this one.