Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Click Clique Cliché

Click Clique Cliché

Right, left, double and drag
or is it cylinder and hammer?
Perhaps a door latch closing;
only the potential for pain
makes it a scary sound.

A group of individuals
(including you, excluding me)
which is used as a standard by which
to (speciously) evaluate
attitudes (clothes),
abilities (looks),
or current situations (money).
As a reference group it can be
either normative (oppressive)
or comparative (judgmental).

With every fiber of my being,
I long to be with you again.
My heart aches and my soul cries out,
for I am nothing without you.

Left click drag,
right click,

Hammer cock/
Cylinder rotate

*(Re-print from The (&) Ampersand Vol. III)


Obsidian Eagle (ItzQuauhtli) said...

Pretty good, albeit the third to last stanza seemed out of place (perhaps intentionally?).

Thank you for the poetry!

Mystic_Mom said...

Powerful imagery here, and yet something else. The third last stanza fits, and the screen door haunts.

Kim Nelson said...

This made sense to me, beginning to end, filled with recognition of a situation and sadness and loss therein. The mixed imagery of gun and word-processor is surprisingly effective. A tight, evocative piece.

jen revved said...

Simply brilliant, Steven-- compelling to read-- the speaker etches his dilemma on the heart. Thanks so much for participating in the meme and the re-tweet. xxxj

Timoteo said...

Like the way it wanders where it will.

Eden Baylee said...

Ok, my quickie take, probably wrong, but I'll give it a shot
1st - Gun - a game of Russian roulette.
2nd- Blackberry - some arbitrary email string in which you were mistakenly copied
3rd- could be your feeling, lyrics of a song you're listening to, a poetry verse you've started
4th - to delete or not delete that email, song, poem
5th - to kill or not kill

That is the question


Stephanie said...

Nice. I love the imagery and word-play.