Friday, May 21, 2010

Second Thoughts

Smoke filled bars
and faithless
women, all burned
and branded,
but I just can’t
fuck you off
of my mind.

Virtue it seems
is a cold lover
while your vice
warms me slowly;
although it requires
latex gloves and
a variety of shots.

The long view is
but I fear I must
be a bit near sighted.

Love is comfortable;
a gentle companion.
You are more like
a stiff cock up the ass
followed by a slow
and shameful
walk home.

Call me!


lesinfin said...

What is it about faithless women that inspires such great poetry?

Khakjaan Wessington said...

Revised? Or does it read w/ more legato because I already read it before? Can't tell.

This Guy said...

Nice linebreaks!

Shannon Peil said...

This is great, punchy and line breaks in all the right places.