Friday, May 6, 2011

Persi in Mare

Persi in Mare

I watched the sunrise
dance with shadow
among the spires
of midtown; a light
and dark ballet
of time's tireless march.
The possibilities of daybreak.

I set a note adrift
on the outbound current
of the east river
addressed to you
on the endless ocean,

“Good luck on your journey,
fair winds and following seas”.

I took the ferry from
the Battery Terminal
and watched the glint
of the midday sun
skip across the water
in staccato flashes.
From the port side rail
I could see the eastern horizon;
that place where the sky
pours into the sea,
and I wept in the silence.



Glynn said...

The weeping could only happen in the silence.

I love this poem.

Khakjaan Wessington said...

Is this a revision? I seem to recall this poem.

Steven Marty Grant said...

Tweeked it a little as I was editing for my book said...

A powerful poem written plainly. The changes in thought translate seemlessly. SMG, you are an immense talent. Your boat needs to float in a bigger ocean of poetry. Again, a powerful poem.

bes_eostre said...

I found this very moving; and the language in lines 19 through 20 and 23 through 25 is beautifully vivid. I would say that 'spires' didn't fit the imagery of the rest of the poem, and the omission of the apostrophe from 'times' broke my reading as it seems out of character. Thank you.

Jingle said...

what a lovely treat.
Thanks for sharing.
Happy August.

The Gooseberry Garden said...

impressive expressions.

The Gooseberry Garden said...

Poetry Picnic Week 3 is open for submission until Thursday, 1 to 3 random poems are welcome…

Welcome in, free and fun…

Glad to discover your poetry talent, hope to see you share.
Bless your Tuesday.

Morning said...

you have a way with words.

very divine thoughts.

Ann LeFlore said...

such a great poem and so filled with rich words

Eden Baylee said...

Love this. So many great lines.