Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spanish Steps

Spanish Steps

The September sun pulls
beads of sweat from my brow
and I can still smell Beatrice
on my skin as I thumb through
a worn volume of Keats.
I want to stop time;
to savor this moment
and the memory of her skin
intermingled with my own.

The Piazza is alive
and so am I, and maybe
for the first time I know
what happiness feels like:
The smile of a woman,
the taste of her lips
and a warm Chianti
shared in the darkness
of a Roman night.



Claudia said...

this sounds really captured with few words a moment of perfect bliss..uplifting and sunny

Glynn said...

Steven, this is absolutely perfect. It's all so beautifully drawn together, like a fine painting.

Maureen said...


tuberider said...

Awesome! I really enjoyed that. Very tight, nothing wasted.

Timoteo said...


Anonymous said...

and I can still smell Beatrice
as I thumb through
a worn volume of Keats.

Great lines!

Vivid, human poem.

Anonymous said...

Just as I suspected of your tweet, stating this as being so called "crap" > ISN'T, lol, very well done. Actually quite rewarding, and sweet really. Excellent! ~April

Anonymous said...

Supremely well written. I could taste the Chianti and hear the siren call of the piazza...

This? Is gorgeous.

Brian Miller said...

that sounds like wonderful happiness to me...i think a sigh might have i need to get home to my wife...nice one shot!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poetic lines and feeling.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poetic lines and feeling.

Ben Langhinrchs said...

Wonderful. I can feel the feelings, smell the smells, taste the tastes. Great job.

Beachanny said...

Yes you captured it perfectly. I was there exactly a year ago. It was warm. We walked piazza to piazza and I stayed at the bottom of the Spanish Steps. Thanks for the memories. Gay @beachanny

Carolina Linthead said...

What a sensory pleasure this is! I, too, could smell Beatrice, feel the worn book in my hands and the September sun, and I could taste the Chianti, feel its warmth against the night chill. Thanks for sharing ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sweeet. Smells are strongly mnemonic, but what I kind of don't get is that the tone is happy and content, yet the woman is gone?

Eric Alder said...

God bless Beatrice and all women who make our nights memorable.

Nice One Shot, Steven!

Anonymous said...

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Cor said...

A beautiful poem. You have a way with painting a picture using words. This was a great addition to One Shot. Once again can't wait to see the latest Installement.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great night to me ;) Nice one shot. Love and Light, Sender

Olivia said...

So lively and freshly feeling.. :D

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