Friday, December 14, 2012

End Jamb

End Jamb

The conversation was rife
with well timed
pauses; intended
to keep balance at
bay. I raised my glass, sipped

“We really need to
talk” echoed over
the tinkle of
glass and silver

“Maybe some time” // “apart”


The evening’s exchange wore down, then end-stopped.



Brian Miller said...

first, thanks for linking up at one the way you play with form...particularly there at the makes a good statement...a tough conversation that...nice write.

Anonymous said...

"Maybe some time"//"apart"

Love that... :)

TALON said...

Oh, those dreaded words "We really need to talk". You captured the essence of that always awkward conversation brilliantly. Liked the set-up of the poem, too.

Pete Marshall said...

i think this was a great entry on One Shot Brian said, the way you play with it makes a good statement...and the end is great..well done & thanks for joining

Claudia said...

Like that - and know this situation well. Very well described. Nice to meet you! Claudia

The Bug said...

There are so many ways to take this type of conversation. I like how you've captured the disjointed, emotions not quite engaged yet variety.

PoeticHeart said...

Very well written...the pauses, the difficulty of words...ended well without callous though the painful understanding....great writing!

Kira Stann said...

I remember those words "we need to talk". It most often ends up being something I have done wrong! This is a very unique poem, and it really makes you think over the context of those words.

desk49 said...

Cold as the silver night
Will timed, Keeping balance
Minds already set, decisions made
Before the tinkle of glass

Well done

Steven Marty Grant said...

Thanks for all the nice comments! It means a great deal to me.