Friday, September 17, 2010

A Hard Fall

neutral grey
and awash in
September tears.
Buildings stained
with the filth
of the last one
hundred years.
The heart of the city
is stainless steel
and does not
love the broken
or the weak





she said...

the heart of the city is stainless steel - great line. This poem made me feel like I got a glimpse into your day. Nice.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna go with the first two words that came to mind after reading this:

Fucking awesome!

Claudia said...

wow! said...

Man, you did this poem justice. In a few short words you nailed it. Excellent! The touch and stroke of a true poet. You continue to speak to me poetically. Bravo!

Jingle said...

love the perspective,
masterfully written!

Olivia said...

Few short words- One Blatant truth declared- very well done.. :D

The image was equally complementing..

Happy Rally

Jeffrey Miller said...

Brilliant. You sure do know the city.

yogurt said...


Donusho said...

The picture and poem goes hand in hand! Brilliant!

Ms. M. Hudson said...

Great poem, Steven.

Olivia said...
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The Noiseless Cuckooclock said...

beautiful one.

Thanks for sharing.