Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Lies We Tell

The Lies We Tell
She smiled and commented
on the beautiful foliage
as we wound through
the hills of western Jersey.
The landscape, splattered
and spread out before us,
like a discarded artist’s drop cloth.
The once green countryside
had turned to saffron, apricot,
sienna, and apple-red.
I continued to drive, in silence,
as she waited for my agreement.
I couldn’t see beauty as I stared
out at the harbinger of winter:
Soon the kaleidoscope of leaves
would shrivel and be replaced
by legions of brown stickmen;
the rolling hills covered
in a death shroud of white.
She looked over and repeated
“Isn’t it lovely?”
As I turned, I caught my reflection;
I could see it was late summer
and October was approaching.
“Yes, it’s beautiful” I replied.



Jingle said...

breath taking!
your words read like autumn sunbeam.

Jeffrey Miller said...

Love the imagery in this one, Steve. You have a great eye for detail and for making these images seem so alive.

Andy Wirsz said...

It's very good! Doesn't need any additional work!

Anonymous said...

Very well done, though I love Autumn so very much, the chill of winter also settles in. Being from the north, with most relatives living there, winter's can be so difficult, and roads treacherous to travel....I think this poem reflects the beauty of Autumn, as well as how it passes far too quickly. ~April

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, loved this.

The beginning is romantic romantic, and then the self-amused irony of what I kind of envision as an older man taking a younger woman through the steps of romance...

You sir, are a cynic. (Sorry, I have no gif prize and trophy links)

Asobime said...

Oh! Oh! I come from New Jersey, and I miss it so. Your poem evoked so much for me....and yes, the Garden State is beautiful. Thank you so much for that poem and picture....the deep south has nothing like my beloved NJ.

Lady Nyo

tuberider said...

Nice, very nice!

Caribbean Fool said...

Wow, loved the dichotomy between the two impressions. Being a cynic myself, I have to agree that fall seems more precursor to winter than sign of intrinsic beauty. Either way, great use of emotional bifurcation in the poem. Thanks for leaving the link in your comment.

Obsidian Eagle (ItzQuauhtli) said...

Really does the title justice. It isn't always easy to paint with words but you manage rather well here.

BTW - Love the Neil Simon quote in your banner!

Mystic_Mom said...

Very good. Very fall.

Marina Sofia said...

Simple but very effective metaphor, and the subject of all the little lies we tell ourselves and others is one of never-ending fascination.

seasideauthor said...

I must admit, fall is another beautiful season, a silent ride; maybe not so much.
Beautifully written, I thought I could hear a pin drop.

Chris Lawrence said...

brilliant and so vivid and memorable