Friday, January 28, 2011

Normal Regrets

Normal Regrets

All the best fucks of my life
have been bat-shit crazy;
“daddy touched me
in my special place”
“mommy always said
I wouldn’t amount to much”
damaged kind of women.
Oh, I’ve fucked my share
of nice normal girls too
but they left no lasting mark.
A dangerous fuck is one
that sticks in your mind
and flashes you in the midst
of your missionary monotony.
There’s an honesty in madness
that cuts through all the bullshit.
Maybe that is why Bukowski
fucked whores and Kerouac hung out
with that hop-head fag Cassady.
The chance to touch the tragic,
the visceral magic of desperation
or the presence of real danger
never found in the banal.



Claudia said...

hmm - and all those women would give everything in the world to be just boring and get rid of that past..and i know what i'm talkin'about..

Timoteo said...

Makes me feel better about my girlfriend.

Reilley said...

There is always spice in madness, my friend.

Misti Rainwater-Lites said...

feel this one like a ton of fucking bricks...

The Schirling said...

amen brother