Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Write Blocked

Write Blocked

The white screen
taunts me with
a cursor’s wink
while I drill holes
through my skull
in search of gold.

Twenty six
alpha bitches
make promises,
ask for shape
and definition;
not included.

I feel like
a middle class
needle romancer,
cruising Hunts Point,
in search of my next
opium love affair.

Thalia smiles
and assures me
that I hold the keys,
then giggles and winks
when I ask her
“to which door?”



Neva Flores said...

oh wow! This is awesome! said...

I know the feeling and situation. I'm in it right now. But, inspiration will kiss me again soon, as well as you my friend.

Claudia said...

after just finishing a poem, i always think i will never manage to write a new's a strange feeling. maybe it's because i just write for fun and only when the muse has already kissed me, if was never in front of a blanc screen so far. think that's the big advantage of not being a professional poet..
but at least you have found your muse, i guess and i like the poem.
you know what? i have met anton in london on thursday - really cool

Khakjaan Wessington said...


dustus said...

Had me cracking up from the alpha bitches line after making cringe from skull drilling. Great poetry.

signed...bkm said...

I feel like
a middle class
needle romancer,
cruising Hunts Point,
in search of my next
opium love affair.

this stanza is delicious.."a middle class needle romancer" it...bkm

Anonymous said...

please God, never let me "try" to write ~ it will always be a disaster. if my muse is out committing debauchery, then i'm not writing.

Richard G. Crockett said...

I know this feeling. These days, I take it as a sign that it's time to accumulate sensation and experience, and so, a very good thing. But the dark side of that, that "middle class needle romancer," I know too.

(Except, maybe not the "middle class" part.)

And "Thalia" is a reference to a muse?

Claudia said...

ha - just read my above self-centered comment - sorry...
lot to like in your poem steven..the drilling holes through skull in search of gold, the twenty six alpha bitches and the middle class needle romancer...don't think you're middle class though...smiles

Glynn said...

Great poem. That's all I can say right now after reading it. Great poem.

Brian Miller said...

nice...drilling holes in your head for gold....i know this feeling...and i think you cound a bit in those

Anonymous said...

Muse trepanning Steve felt like this more than once recently. There's always a door open there somewhere but how to find it in between the locked ones? This was a thoughtful take on the prompt, enjoyed the read

Reflections said...

Oh, how we have drilled those holes searching, and how those alpha bitches tend to mock us... sometimes I think they sit back laughing at the struggles.

hedgewitch said...

Classy and concise, every word blue collar and full of work ethic. Excellent poem.

Beverly Ann said...

Fantastic! I'm still smiling after reading this! Favorite line - 'alpha bitches'. Great job!

hpicasso said...

"which door"...a hint of adventure here...sadness, Love, a tale we know too well...
have you noticed how many web pages have the word "submit" on them?

just sayin'

Peace, hp

Melissa said...

You may not be, but I was laughing all the way through esp when the alphabet showed up. Computers may be easier than those old typewriters, but muses are just as moody and uncooperative as always. I ache for your skull, though I now have images of gold dust all over your keyboard which is sort of cool... minus the holes in your head.

JackAZ Photography said...

"taunts me with
a cursor’s wink"
Far more menacing than a blank sheet of paper. Wonderful take on it!

Steve Isaak said...

Relatable, playful (in parts), wonderful flow, line breaks, language.

Kerry O'Connor said...

How clever is this? Great ode to writer's block, wonderful response to the prompt:

Twenty six
alpha bitches
make promises...