Monday, February 21, 2011



As strange attractors
we danced together
in the southern sky,
like a stellar parallax;
singular or differentiated
dependent on point of view.

Across the summer night
radial velocity increased
as we approached critical mass;
the unavoidable orbital decay
of love on the event horizon.

From this elliptical apex
I can see how your luminosity
has eclipsed me, your gravity
overwhelms; pulls me in.
Even as my weakened mass
is drawn once again
to your side.

“What is seen as the brightest star in the night sky is in truth two bodies moving together; a bright main star termed Sirius A, and her companion, a faint white dwarf”.



Brian Miller said...

nice steve...i know that gravity, dont fight it, just let it be...

Brian Miller said...

btw love the play in the title...serious

dustus said...

The relative observation of celestial bodies and emphasis on mass decay work extremely well.

Claudia said...

sometimes the laws of attraction seem to be strange indeed and we find us, pulled by laws we don't quite understand and may not want to follow but can't resist..celestial extremely well and leaves me with a whole set of images..

Beachanny said...

Your work never fails to take me to the stars. I admire it so much. Loved this. Identify with it. And the starlines radiate out to your readers taking them on a ride through the cosmos. Well done.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Absolutely stunning - I loved every line - such a comparison - cosmic.

C Rose said...

I have often thought of attraction in the sense of planetary pulls of was so pleasing to see your words to this detail tonight.

It was exquisitely told ~ Rose

ayala said...

Beautifully done!