Sunday, February 13, 2011

What's Left Behind

What's Left Behind

I read the note,
though it was not
addressed to me.
I saw it laying
on the ground
amidst the rotted
timber and rusty
nails of a structure
no longer standing.
I’m not sure how
it came to be there
but the words
spoke to me from
the yellowed paper.

I sat for a while
with the iron
and wood debris
as I thought about
what it said:

“When I woke up this morning I couldn’t remember why I was here so I think it’s time to go. I know I loved you once but the wind has changed direction and I need to follow it. I wish you all the best but I understand if you can’t return the favor”

I dropped the note
back to the ground
and left it with
the bent reminders
of what had stood
in this place.

When the afternoon sun
began to pull a few beads

of sweat from my brow
I continued on my way.
There was a nice breeze blowing
and I longed to follow it.



Reflections said...

Deep scars ache within your words... expressions released well.

Forpuck said...

Had to re-read it after I realised that it was for a pic prompt, very nice work.

Kerry O'Connor said...

This poem has blown my hair back! Amazing combination of word, photo and emotion. I love the carefully constructed narrative and the final lines are epic.

dustus said...

Very effective use of first person in a poem reminding me of a narrative "frame story" built around a Dear John letter—the contents therein function on the surface to reveal the subsequent effect of the note on the reader. Interesting how the author of the note doesn't recall a reason for waking up within the confines of the pictured structure; the razing of which leads to even further speculation.

Anonymous said...

Sad and touching, the note left by a third party bring up memories from the narrator. Well penned once more my friend x

Carmela-J said...

Wow, this is really intense and well-written, such a strong emotion that you've built within the story.

Brian Miller said...

gorgeous writing...sad initially at the leaving...then perhaps hope in the following of the breeze...

Claudia said...

"and left it with
the bent reminders
of what had stood
in this place" were my fav lines here as they can be read in a way of what is seen and what is felt..and what fell after reading the letter..
love all the different takes on the prompt..

Jerry said...

When relationships rust out and fade we hope for favorable winds.
Like the personal emotional commitment to this.

Mama Zen said...

This is simply perfect.

hedgewitch said...

The ending transforms this from just another story of loss. Well written and shadowed with meanings.

signed...bkm said...

I would leave the note and follow the breeze....change is good..bkm

Shewriting said...

beautifully expressed...made me sigh a little sigh.

emmett wheatfall said...

A powerful write, SMG. Good poetry man.