Sunday, March 6, 2011

Picture Prompt Challenge (featuring Jacob Lucas)

No Curtain Call

when the curtain falls
it never rises again.
No phoenix up
from the ashes
of failure
or Jesus
on the third day.
the lights
go out forever
and the stage
is never set again.

The final act
of you and me
was some time ago
and there is no encore
in the works.
The theater of us
has become
an abandoned stage
and the audience
has long since
left, in search
of a new tragedy.


This was written in a fog of 12 year old scotch and the loneliness of another hotel room. In  response to the One Shoot Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge


dustus said...

From fallen phoenix to denied resurrection, the final act finds the curtain closed with authority. Solid. Makes me want to reach for Macallan

Gigi Ann said...

Nice poem to go with the prompt.

Raquel Byrnes said...

The theater of us...I love that line. Evocative.

Beachanny said...

It's not wife or death, it's the stage of the broken hearted. The blues inbued your words along with the booze. I feel it and it's real.
Thanks, Gay

Ami Mattison said...

Excellent! Love it! I love how it begins as a kind of broader comment on how some moments/experiences can never recur and then takes an intriguing turn into a narrative about an intimate relationship. I love the lament of it. Great take on the prompt!

Brian Miller said...

nicely play SMG...the tragedy of us...hopefully not a tragecomedy...somethings we can never go back just to burn down the theatre...

Anonymous said...

the final play of you and me...oh yep I hear you! Great writing

Jerry said...

And oh how heavy that curtain can be. The final act of you and fitting for the image. A broken relationship and the mess it leaves. Nice take. Now take some ibuprofin with your coffee.

M.L. Gallagher said...

I'm not sure which I like best -- your poem -- which is fabulous, or your comment about where you wrote it -- which is intriquing!

Claudia said...

i really enjoy that you're in for the picture prompts - always glad when i see your name linked up and always curious to see what you brought to the table..great piece steven - esp. loved the last lines with the audience leaving in search for a new tragedy..just like it is..
and you know what ernest hemmingway said..yes..? write drunk - edit seemed to have worked well with your 12 year old Scotch...smiles

hedgewitch said...

Concise and clear, bitter but not bored,and so redeemed from the merely cynical to the tragic. As Poe said, "The play is the Tragedy, Man..."

Maureen said...

Nice use of theatre, literally and metaphorically.

signed...bkm said...

very nice..the theatre of us..great line ...and the constant search for a new tragedy...that always seems to be one of the many causes of humanity....well done..bkm

Steve Isaak said...

Solid, theme-focused, realistic-tone piece. Consistently great work, as I've come to expect from you.

Glynn said...

There is a sense of hopelessness and abandonment in the photo - and you caught it. Well done, sir.

Anonymous said...

the easiest way to convey my thoughts on this piece:

I wish I wrote this...