Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sad Sacks and Sociopaths

Sad Sacks and Sociopaths

The romance of assonance
and the constant consonance
of kooks; truly the sounds
of love and madness.

The saddest are the young
girls and old men
and the soci-ist
are the teen aged boys
and battered housewives
machine guns and knives
poised for attack.

Having been both
and neither at one time
or another depending
on the presence
or absence of a lover,
or was it my mother?
It’s so hard to remember,
and hard to say
what was right, wrong
and everything between
hello and so long.

Here we go round
the lithium tree
the lithium tree
the lithium tree,

Did you notice
there were three?

I once was tossed but now I’m bound
and held in the pleasant white room
where a sweet woman comes
to visit me at noon and bring me more
pills and tales of woe.

I don’t think she’s happy
but these restraints
won’t let me ease her pain.

So sad
so sad;
oh well!

Here we go round
the lithium tree
the lithium tr… 


Claudia said...

there seem to be more and more...and sometimes you see it in there eyes while walking the streets and sitting on bus stops and cafés...many manage to keep a bit of their sanity, just enough to be able to live life like everything is they never missed anything or anyone...good write steven...just back from rome...fell in love with the city...smiles

Amy e said...

I see your hand and I'll raise you ....

Im speechless...

The Schirling said...

very powerful stuff. good lines

Michelle said...

The first stanza didn't want to let go. It was magnetic, possessive. This felt just mad enough.

Jack Edwards Poetry said...

Epic poetry! I loved the use of repetition. So strongly written.

Here is my entry:

Morning said...


thingy said...

Whoo. Amazing write.

The Noiseless cuckooclock said...

eloquent piece, well written...

Old Raven said...

A very interesting piece coming from a happy man.

kez said...

brilliant, powerful, observational and damn good loved it thank ou x