Wednesday, January 25, 2012



is no beauty
in a sunset
or a birdsong
sung in the dim
mist of morning.
The only true beauty
I know is in the glisten
of a woman’s skin
in the moonlight
and silence
that follows
the fire.



Eden Baylee said...

Umm, yes. Paints such a beautiful picture.

Robert Gibson said...

Not just good. Freaking brilliant.

I love it. :)

LOL - side note - the text I have to copy to verify that I'm a human and not a bot (Word Verification) below is FOCKYC ... with a couple letter changes it would have been FUCKYH! or Fuck YEAH! Which is what I thought when I read this poem :D Ok, random side note done. #asyouwere!

Taylor Boomer said...

love the shape,

well penned descriptions.

Helena said...

See? We have our uses, we women....! Very tenderly-picked verse in lovely format, too.