Friday, March 16, 2012

Gravity & Love

Gravity & Love

Gravitation; a theoretical construct
and a general term describing
the phenomenon by which bodies
with mass are attracted to one another.
Modern physics describes gravitation
using Einstein's General Theory
of Relativity
, in which gravitation
is a consequence of the curvature
of space-time. Newton's law of universal
gravitation is suitable for most basic
calculations, but neither Newton
nor Einstein were able to objectively
measure or observe the gravitational
waves they postulated.

Love; a utilitarian societal construct
and a general term describing
the phenomenon by which people
with emotions are drawn to each other.
Like gravitation, love is unquantifiable,
it is postulated based on evidential
artifacts and observed behaviors.
For example my ex-wife and I:
We know that a pair existed,
and we assume they were in love,
because the coupling created
an artifact (my daughter) though
no evidence is currently available
since husband and anti-husband
destroyed each other not long after
said artifact came into existence.



Eden Baylee said...

Great comparison for love with gravity - you can fall in it, or you can fall out of it. Sometimes it's just dead weight.


emmett wheatfall said...

A fascinating write, SMG. I get it and I hear you. I know the fractal the two of you created you love dearly.