Friday, December 28, 2012

Ordinary Excrement/Alternate Time Period

Ordinary Excrement/Alternate Time Period

A coat and tie stops
a passing shopping cart
to ask if it can spare
some freedom or maybe
a few pieces of mind.
The shopping cart
ignores the intrusion
and mumbles
“quit yer job asshole”.

A group of ponytails
and short skirts peer
over a construction fence
to ogle the hard hats
as they sweat
in the late afternoon sun.

A new pair
of black Florsheims
stalk the sidewalk
in search
of an unsuspecting
pile of dog shit
or a freshly discarded
piece of chewing gum.

The desk clock
refuses to move a hand
and instead
flies a bird salute
at the pressed empty shirt
that sits in the chair
once occupied
by possibility.



Claudia said...

woohoo...steve is in the pub...nice to see you..smiles
love the poem...esp. the first and last stanza..the asking the shopping cart if it can spare some freedom and its rather down to earth's that easy...right..? then the image with the clock hand...the empty pressed shirt..dang...tight write steve

Anonymous said...

damn, first thing to see is that big pile of sh**... way to start. heh.
your poem is very honest, loved where you took me - oh, and the last stanza is fantastic.

Sabio Lantz said...

So bitter. I was expecting a turn of events, but the tone is consistent -- I would have loved to have been surprised. But life often ain't like that, eh? Just walkin' down the street, watching worlds that condemn each other.

PS -- you've got CAPTCHA turned on for this site. It is a pain in the ass for us older folks. Maybe consider turning it off??

Brian Miller said...

dang steve, you turn reality on its head...ha, i think my shoes do look for shit to step in at your job, def rocked the prompt...strong imagery and symbolism...

Tristen Blackwell said...

It is a strong poem

Tristen Blackwell said...

Sorry, my comment was chopped for some reason. I meant, it is highly visual and melancholic. It somehow reminds me of the sadness or ennui one might feel when walking down the street and focusing on certain details.

Katie said...

I really, really liked this!! Thought provoking for sure, especially the 1st stanza!! :-)

jasmine calyx said...

Dude, this is fricking awesome. You rule. This is probably the best poem I've read all night.

lucychili said...

i can imagine all the clothes and widgets alive and keeping the same rhythm without people. perhaps they already lead the dance =)

Eden Baylee said...

A thinking person's poem. Great comparisons and I love the last stanza.

Anna Montgomery said...

Very well done, brought to my mind the acicular wit of Tom Robbins.