Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Flight to Boca

Flight to Boca

God flew south last week
and left the city in tears.
The fall of man is a season
to prepare for the bitter days
of discontent that lie ahead.

The shrieks of children at play
in Central Park will be replaced
by the rustle of dead leaves
and the bleak quiescence
of winter’s inevitable return.

Animated steam ghosts
rising from cracked streets
will dance in celebration,
released from the obscurity
of the warm days gone by.

The pace of pedestrians
once easy and unhurried
will quicken against the wind
as scarves replace bright eyes
and effortless smiles.

The blue skies of September
will fade to December grey.
The night will push on the edges
of daylight, until the old man
grows tired and God books
a return flight into JFK.


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