Saturday, April 20, 2013

Summer Blossoms

Summer Blossoms

The sad skies of spring wept for 36 days,
life blood tears for the blooms of summer.
Shed of their winter garb and June’s gloom,
they sprout from the Manhattan sidewalk
all pale skin and pretty print dresses.

Beautiful “look at me” buds
on every corner fight for a flicker
of the sun’s attention. Their fragile
petals and long stems so eager
to be clipped, arranged, adorned
and loved on a dinning room table.

On every corner of the city, the scent
of new petals and flash of vibrant colors
distract the eye. Alas, the pursuit
of summer blossoms is a young man’s game,
but I do so like to watch and recall
my fertile days afield.



Eden Baylee said...
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Claudia said...

smiles...when i was in nyc last year, end of march, the cherry trees were blossoming..but there were surely all kind of beautiful look-at-me buds on two legs as well... smiling at the dining room table part..

Grace said...

I specially like the opening verses ~ Here we are still in the grip of winter garb ~ I can't wait to clip and arrange those bright blooms on my table ~

Björn said...

Oh yes.. those little flowers are starting to show... Sometimes I have to look long at the crocuses....

Mary said...

I really enjoyed the last stanza. The scent of new petals and flash of vibrant colors. So beautiful to see after the long cold winter.

Susan Daniels said...

Ah--beautiful flowers and lovely women. Both are wonderful to watch in Spring.

aprille said...

How refreshing.

Mama Zen said...

Smart, beautiful writing!

Truedessa said...

I really enjoyed the opening stanza..the transition of seasons.

Laurie Kolp said...

Yes, the colors of spring... from a man's eye. = )

Ginny Brannan said...

"Alas, the pursuit
of summer blossoms is a young man’s game,
but I do so like to watch and recall
my fertile days afield."

Loved the metaphor in this, the relationship of buds, petals, flowers to young women. Am sure this has been done before, but you have written it in such a way that it does not feel cliche'. I especially liked the last line. Nicely penned!

Dave King said...

Beautiful. A tremendous piece of writing. Best of all, I thought, the hope and energy of that glorious second stanza, contrasted with the looking-back of the last.

Anonymous said...

When is a blossom not a blossom? I enjoyed the perspective you added to the obvious.

Rambly T said...

So much from the males perspective in this Spring tribute. I smiled at the dining room table. Spring does bring out the best in many different ways.

Anonymous said...

Very lovely poem and made me almost think you were referring to the young ones I see so often outside with the smallest hint of warmth! Vying for attention!