Wednesday, March 27, 2013

God Looks Down

God Looks Down

On my walk to Grand Central Terminal
this morning I was captivated
by the sun as it cascaded
down, reflecting off
the skyscrapers.
The angles, like
light through  a
prism,  created
rainbows in the
canyons. Below
in the shadows,
the faces  of the
crowd appeared
then    dissolved
like ghosts. Some-
times I think the
omniscient  view
is the only way to
truly   appreciate
this city. At street
level  it  is store fronts,
hand bills, cabby horns
and pushy  pedestrians
but above, far above,  it
is pure beauty. Crowned
with corbels and cornices,
gothic  spires  and   bright
flourishes of Art Deco steel,
the buildings pull your eyes
to the heavens. I often catch
myself staring up, wide-eyed;
a child on the  Fourth of July.



Truedessa said...

NYC how many times have I arrived in Grand Central out to the bustling streets where the building reach the sky. You have captured the imagine so well. I wonder what makes us look up in awe? Enjoyed the trip.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Pausing a moment to drink in the sights and sounds of the world can be energising and refreshing! Love the flowing form of the poem suggesting that the sights and sounds mingle and intermingle!

aprille said...

Love this.
Sadly the only time I was up at that outlook place whose name I forget, near the chrysler building, it was such thick fog that I didn't see a thing.
But I did get to take a helicopeter flight over Manhattan on a clear day and it was just as brilliant as you so aptly describe.

Björn said...

This is touching and nice. Cities like NY have all the beauty above. Too few take the opportunity to look up... great images in this.

Brian Miller said...

smiles...i get a stiff neck in the city at times...following all the architecture to the heavens...and the shadows def do interesting things...the perspective we take def usually defines the city...smiles.

Anonymous said...

Buildings always look better looking up, thats where the real detail is, but why I have no idea.
A real journey through a metropolis.

kkkkaty said...

I would love to take a trip through N. Y.; big cities have a draw and want you to get to know them by walking the streets..nicely done.