Thursday, April 4, 2013

One Night in Singapore

One Night in Singapore

The humidity of the summer evening
glazed my face with sweat and it glistened,
with the setting sun. Tears formed on my beer,
they traced tiny lines down the cold bottle
and pooled on the bar. It reminded me
of the night; I spent with her, below
the Tropic of Cancer.

I can still remember the embrace
of the warm night air, the smell
of zhuójǐn wàndàilán orchids
and I can still see the girl, the one
that haunts me on the long nights
of winter. She gave me a look across
the crowded bar, as much a dare
as a come hither stare. Those gilt edged
brown eyes that pierced the room
like needle and silk through wounded flesh.

She was beautiful and kissed me
without saying hello; her lips a sweet
and decadent champagne that I drank
until intoxicated. Her skin was a playground,
fragrant and salty on my tongue. We tussled
in the sand for hours until she pinned me down
with a smile. The night was quiet and still
save for the breeze playing with her hair.
I could feel her flesh part and for the first time
I understood her vulnerability. She was both
courtesan and concubine and she gave herself
completely. I took her by the throat and loved her
until she surrendered with a shutter and a sigh.



Claudia said...

smiles..loved the kissing without saying hello and the zhuójǐn wàndàilán orchids....

Victoria said...

I especially like the visual of the tear running down the frosted glass of beer. The setting and story I'd have to describe as sultry. Nice.

Brian Miller said...

love the sensory detail in this...the tastes, scents....and the pinning you with a smile...ha...nice intensity in your close as well man...

emmett wheatfall said...

"She was beautiful and kissed me
without saying hello". What a KILLER line SMG. This is the "sweet spot" of the poem, the match that lights its fire. The narrative is real and takes the reader on a teasible erotic journey. Man, I need to wipe my brow.

Todd Alan Kraft said...

These lines really stood out:

Those gilt edged
brown eyes that pierced the room
like needle and silk through wounded flesh.


ayala said...

Lovely and sensual. :)