Friday, April 12, 2013



I am the one,
he that hides
from moonbeams,
dances and revels,
in the naked darkness.
A creak in the next room
when the lights go out,
I am shadow fears
and cold sweat

I am the one,
the determination
that draws you
to the platform’s edge
in anticipation of
the coming train’s approach.
The flash of polished steel
against your wrist,
I am emboldened
in the blood.   

I am the one,
the trepidation and shiver
as you walk alone at night,
the eyes that rake the cityscape
and the whisper of surrender.
The voice of Emma
is my herald,
if you hear the call



Brian Miller said...

well certainly set the tone...a rather menacing one as add mystery to it as well...and play on a bit of our familiar fears too...well played...smg

Fred Rutherford said...

nice, you chose a more devious of the creatures. There are so, so many of the dark creatures scattered throughout myth and lore, was fun to see your treatment here. Find job at that too, love the tone and atmosphere you brought to it. Thanks

Claudia said...

you give the invisible/ungripable a name and face...ugh...esp. the suicide stanza hit hard

Charles Miller said...

The way you lace the real emotions and everyday into the depiction of the character pulls me into its scary reality. This is awesome, making the suspension of disbelief quite easy.

Wyeth Bailey said...

As Bryan said, menacing. By the way, I'm up at 4:30 am alone in the dark, this didn't help! Excellent write.

Björn said...

This is scary, way scary... and not limited t fears of strange creatures.