Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Major Arcana

1 ~ The Magician

My fingers still
struggle to collect
the broken pieces
of silver like regret.

I am tired of this magic,
pretty pearl and alabaster
lies. Could I purchase
your miracles, your belief,
your redemption?

Lay your hands on
this heart appliquéd
upon my sleeve, until
it beats and dances again
with the ghost of your love.

Pray for me now,
my better angels,
for I am not a prophet;
I’m just a man
in need of salvation
and a place to rest.

2 ~ The High Priestess

Divinity is a woman
adorned in the azure
of morning and crowned
in the stars of the midnight sky.

She stands with Boaz
and Jachin and guards
the Holy of Holies, the mystery,
the feminine that is God.

The moon sits at her feet
as if the heavens wait
for a glimpse behind
her veil of crimson and purple.

Pomegranate and palm
belie the unspoken, the need
for supplication and blood
contained within.

For she is the beauty
of a calm sea, La Papessa,
steadfast, the one that is
truth and love...


Ricky A. Pursley said...

Absorbing; sounds quite supernatural. Shouldn't "Pray for me know" be "Pray for me now"?

Eden Baylee said...

Fantastic, particularly the Magician. I've only become aware of Tarot cards since writing for Allegories of the Tarot. It's scary and fascinating to learn about them.


Annetta Ribken said...

These are beautiful. I have found the Tarot to be such an inspiration in writing, but this was a lovely surprise.

Thank you! xoxo

Katley said...

I'm familiar with tarot cards in relation to astrology. The two work together. Good read!