Friday, May 31, 2013

Across Éire

Across Éire

Deirdre called to me;
in a sorrowful voice
that echoed across the sea
and bade me come.
Come and steal her away
from Conchobar and from Ulster,
for she longed for my touch,
the touch of her love.

Under dark grey clouds,
through streams of white sunlight,
I rode across the green
patchwork countryside.
I followed her voice
through heather and hedgerow.
For more than a fortnight
I searched in vain.
From Cork north through
Limerick and Athlone
to the very edge of Ulster,
until her cries faded
like the summer sun at midnight.

I fear that she has slipped away
out of my grasp
and I must tarry here in Éire
until she is reborn
and we can be as one
once again.



Ginny Brannan said...

The title caught my eye--have been to Ireland 3 times & left a piece of my heart there that continues to call me back again. Lovely poem, lovely sentiment. I would have no problem tarrying there myself.

Claudia said...

nice...we were planning a houseboat trip in ireland for this summer...almost sad now after reading this that we changed plans..

Poet Laundry said...

Beauty and sadness...a wonderful poem.

Brian Miller said...

nice lyrical feel to this...ireland is def on the list of places i would love to go...and for love i would gladly journey far and wide...and tarry and wait if needed as well...

M. J. Joachim said...

A poetic dance across nature's patchwork scenery...