Thursday, June 27, 2013

D'Verse Poet's Pub (Form for All ~ Anaphora)

I Am Weary in Myself

I carried a lamp across the land.
I carried my heart in open hand.
I found virtue wanting in the land.
I found avarice in the heart in man.

like a cur stalking alleys of the city night.
like a vulture awaiting death in circle flight.
like a maggot feeding on flesh in slow decay.
like a hungry Jackal devouring its fallen prey.

I searched for wisdom inside ivy walls.
I searched in mansions and tenement halls.
I found no purpose--no higher call.
I found only a sorrow that defines us all.

like a jilted lover crying in the night.
like a broken soldier in his final fight.
like a once great city fallen into decay
like a clergyman with no heart to pray.



Brian Miller said...

very nice...i like your switch ups with the repetition in each stanza...the first and last stanzas are my favs...that first one really builds, nice grit in the second...and the allusions in the last bring it home...a sign of the times?

Björn said...

I love this.. your have used the technique to perfection.. each stanza a repetition with variation.. a rather disillusioned world you paint though

Victoria said...

I love it! You took it to a new level for me by using the anaphora for each stanza and how well it worked.

grapeling said...

Diogenes in a corporatist landscape. Well penned ~ M

grapeling said...
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Laurie Kolp said...

Love the alternating lines, but this makes me sad... I've been there:

I found no purpose--no higher call. I found only the sorrow that defines us all.

Gail said...

Sad and well done

Claudia said...

oh nice..really like it much steve.. fantastic images

Rowan Taw said...

Great use of changing repetitions across the different stanzas....this flows so smoothly.

kaykuala said...

Daunting and sad episodes revealed brilliantly,Steven! One can never win them all!