Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Lost Forever

Lost Forever

At sunrise
God breathes
fire and smoke
into azure mourning,
as the demiurge groans
back into motion.

Last night
the world stopped,
dreams and motivations
became paper icons
engulfed in pyre flashes;
Ashes to ashes

As light slowly
pries loose the last
fingers of night
clinging to the landscape,
the shine of innocence
appears tarnished and tired.

Last night
a hero became mortal
human, uncoiled,
glint of his armor
dulled with rust;
dust to dust

The midday sun
hangs, half mast
in the horizon,
weakly illuminating
yet another void,
a diminished world.

Last night
God blinked,
in that omnisecond,
The words fell silent
inspiration stolen;

(Excerpt from "Another Hotel Room")


amyeverett said...

T hisis exquisite

Eden Baylee said...

Sad day, beautiful poem.

Brian Miller said...

amen, indeed.
the day buk died...wow even mor perspective...

both quite the day eh?
well write steven

Beachanny said...

Great metaphors - worthy homage to a great poet, a fine mind, a spirit bigger than life. It fits both Bukowski and Dave King. Thank you for posting it Steve. G.

Claudia said...

a hero became mortal... sometimes i think those heroes are even more fragile than we average folks.. too many lost in a tragical way..

Linda Rogers said...

Amen indeed~your tribute to Dave leaves me breathless...

hyperCRYPTICal said...

A beautiful tribute.

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