Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall of New York

Fall of New York

Fifth Avenue:
Umbrellas bob
down the sidewalk
like drunken
Chinese lanterns
and a cool wind
has invaded in
from the north.

Summer’s anger
still seethes
below street level
but today refused
to bare its teeth,
opting to stay dry
in the warm refuge
of the train tunnels.

A week ago,
I was a stick of butter
greasing 23rd Street
on my walk to work,
and this morning
I was treated to a
coming-attractions reel
for Fall of New York.


Claudia said...

i dig the drunken chinese lanterns, the warm refuge of the train tunnels and greasing 23rd street...
think there are two seasons i would love to visit new york - cherry blossom in central park and fall

Honkmofo said...

Aother excellent poem from one of the best poem makers out there. said...

Another tight poem. Your choice of form/construct reminds me of the poet W.S. Merwin's work wherein he used punctuation sparingly and at times none at all. I am one of your many fans. I especially enjoyed reading Fall of New York. It's as if I was there.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. The second stanza works best for me - the butter metaphor is an angry one, full of uncomfort.

Jingle said...

super cultural and rich piece.

Olivia said...

Beautifully flowing poem!! The images are so serene.. :D

Eden Baylee said...

Love butter and fall,


Mary said...

That last stanza REALLY shows how quickly the season can transition from summer to fall. I understand that perfectly, as that is exactly how it is here too.

Anonymous said...

Autumn is the best time to be in the city. It truly comes into itsown then. >KB

Anonymous said...

Lovely images - I could see NYC clearly in my minds-eye. The seasons can turn reallu suddenly here too.

Brian Miller said...

ha. creative delivery...particularly around the melting butter grease and the coming attreactions...well played sir...i love fall...

rudyan said...

Fall is so lovely isn't it, and it's just beginning to show its colours... A beautiful, seasonal poem - I especially like the drunken Chinese lanterns

Anonymous said...

I also especially admire the third stanza ~ M

Kate Mia said...

I love the first hint of fall in the country and this brings the promise of fall in the city heat..that thank I don't the country is for me instead3..4me

Dorianna (paintswithwords) said...

Umbrellas bob
down the sidewalk
like drunken
Chinese lanterns and butter greasing 23rd the images conjured up..nice poem

Mark Walters said...

I like this a lot. The part about being melting butter one day and enjoying Autumn the next.

Fatiha Kabena Storm Snyder Brothers said...

a dreamy imagery.

Rachel Gloria Mayer Walsh Schapiro said...

lovely imagery.