Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Daddy's Girl

Daddy’s Girl

Small feet running;
tears, so many tears
“it’s broken”

Knowing look comforts;
patience and glue
“thank you daddy”

Little girl laughing;
giggles, screams and giggles
“catch me”

Steady hands toss;
catching, gently catching
“again again”

Tiny ears covering;
shouts angry shouts
“stop please stop”

Somber judge intones;
Mom vs. Dad
“for the petitioner”

Deep voice explaining;
fault, not your fault
“mommy and daddy…”

Small hands cling;
sobs, guttural sobs
“come home daddy”

Desperate kisses and hugs;
visitation, odd weekends
“I can’t baby”

Big feet running;
tears, so many tears
“it’s broken”

*(From "Another Hotel Room")


One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers and Artists said...

Felt the pleas in the child and understanding divorce (too well) feel the misunderstanding in her voice

Poignant one Shot Steven

Thanks from the Moon

Anonymous said...

Newly divorced I feel the sting here. My little girl was daddy's girl through and through. The divorce and him moving cross country has bought us together. Closer that we've ever been. It's so hard explaining to young ones that mummy and daddy are seperating :( Broken indeed.

Great poem

Dulce said...

Oh Man, this is sooo sad, yes so good and so sad. It has made me cry- not fai for One Shot
Brilliantly expressed a so frequent situation I myself live every day...


hedgewitch said...

Simple, straight to the heart. Sad that some things they don't make glue for, and even patience can't always fix.

Monkey Man said...

Wow. What a complete synopsis of divorce. So sad yet so true.

Anonymous said...

Deep, wrenching emotions simply stated. Well done.

dustus said...

Heartbreaking. My favorite aspects are the child's lines, and the terms used to explain the situation that makes me wonder if the child is hearing it. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Loved the pov here - an adult's, I think, but could almost be the child's... Interestingly, in spite of the true to life portrayal of effects of divorce, the love also shines through beautifully - and I think a love as strong as that can manage somehow to make it through. Well done!

Chris G. said...

God...the quotes really reverberated through me, struck as sure as any knife. I feel so sorry for the child...how can they hope to understand so painful as divorce? So sad, but so powerful.

Beachanny said...

Hard read for me. My father abandoned us when I was seven. I never understood. I'm much much older and I still don't. I know the pain though and your write here gives me the faith that not every "daddy" just walks away forever.

Cor said...

Very sad, touching and loving poem all wrapped up into one. Like someone mentioned before, a love as strong as what is between the father and daughter, can get through anything. Great One Shot.

signed...bkm said...

very sad, but true in so many cases...little feet, big feet and the miles and tears inbetween...amazing how we all manage to grow up and continue life...somehow we do...bkm

Anonymous said...

I think you really expressed the child's point of view effectively. Great poem

Brock S. Henning said...

Wow. A very real poem, indeed (and well written). Thanks for posting this, Steven.

Glynn said...

I liked this when I read it in Another Hotel Room. It retains the simplicity of a child's thinking while describing the adult agony of divorse.

Eric Alder said...

A sad and all-too-common series of events. (Neatly book-ended)

gautami tripathy said...

So sad. So true..

destined wanderings

DeLi said...

such a heart-wrenching sweetness!


Steve Isaak said...

Solid melding of broken material imagery and a broken marriage. Good work.

Helena Malheur said...

What a poignant poem - the anguish is deeply felt by the reader. I liked the gradual movement from sweet images to the bitter -- and your use of the child’s voice… Most of us identify with this, I’m sure. I know I do. Thank you for sharing.

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what a masterful piece..
keep it up.

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