Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Life in Commercials

My Life in Commercials

Euell Gibbons was an idiot,
“some parts are edible” my ass!
These things we eat; pride,
shit and crow can grow inside
and go malignant while we sleep.

A new baby blue Hoodie-Footie
Snuggle Suit
may keep me warm
as death takes one cell after another,
but there is no Magic Bullet
for those of us that pine alone
at night in the dark and dial
the New York Ladies chat line.

I ordered a can of expanding foam
from a Billy Mays TV commercial
because this gap in my chest
is becoming just a bit unmanageable.


The very talented Khakjaan Wessington ( @toylitpaper ) posted this link and I wanted to try the "News Poem" thing myself. Go read his Toylit Blog and see how it is supposed to be done.


Khakjaan Wessington said...

Damn dude, you're been on a winning streak. This is really good. I loved the literal product use for metaphorical purposes. This technique has been fun to see: you draw a ray. The poem creates an optical illusion of a parallel line. They're easy to start & hard to finish, but you've been nailing these lately. Salute!

Jingle said...

award winning work!

Jingle said...

Welcome to our potluck party by linking in a poem, old one works well. Thanks!

hurry up, we are closing within 12 hours,
an old poem or random poem work wonders too.

love your talent.

Sheila Moore said...

very clever, I esp. like the last stanza - I can relate to that.