Thursday, March 8, 2012

I watched the sun come up from the departures lounge at Schiphol

I watched the sun come up
from the departures lounge at Schiphol

Beer tastes different at sunrise;
maybe it's the bitterness
something like regret.

I left you crying in California
and you said you understood
as I walked through the gate.
I suppose the avalanche of clichés
finally buried your resolve.
But we both know
it wasn’t me or you; it was us.
Me in my cuckold horns
and you in your orphan rags,
both of us reading from a script
that was ill conceived and poorly written.
You held me like I was your father
the night he walked out the door
and I fucked you as if my ex
was watching from the next room.

It is 6:20 AM and I still have
some distance to travel.
I imagine you have cried yourself to sleep by now
and I am here, attempting to write a poem
about the absurdity of Humpty
trying to fix a broken tin soldier.



Daniel Jay said...

Badass SMG! I like your approach with words, and with Humpty.

Katley said...

eloquent. Especially the last three lines.

Claudia said...

first had to find out what humpty is...when i found out, i loved the comparison. you picture the pain and the ghosts of the past.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king's horses,
And all the king's men,
Couldn't put Humpty together again.

amyeverett said...

Sowing black and white movie reels
Spool broken yarn mangled and mis counted
As I sing you nursery rhymes

There’s something about burning pages
Or the way They find you in sleep
Ice falls to the bottom of empty whisky cage
Prisons fear I have captured the audience of your heart
Never knew you had one till I got here

Can you hear the secrets I left

On pages that were not written
Because of the words that were lived?

I met you on Broadway
Between Curtain and double space
The Audience is waiting

You feel me under your chest heaving
Under your dawn I lie awake.

Jingle Poetry said...

brilliant piece.
Thanks for sharing.

Jingle Poetry said...

Welcome to our potluck week 10, a poetry award is assigned upon submission.
Old poems are welcome …hurry up, you have 12 hours to go before we are closed.
Hope to see you there. Cheers!

Marbles in My Pocket said...

Fabulous write! Absolutely right on the money! Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Wow--powerful piece. Love the comparison at the end, as well as the Shakespearean-like scene I imagined from the cuckold horns and orphan rags.

Okelle said...

Filled with pathos

Eden Baylee said...

wow. just wow.

Ms. Marsha said...

Heartwrenching. I agree, totally BADASS. Love it.