Friday, December 31, 2010

The Weight of My Own Self Importance

The Weight of My Own Self Importance

How pretentious
the poet’s pen is,
nattering nonsense
cobbled and collated
into couplets and quatrains.

The mysteries of life
explained; I am, in iamb.
A lot of alliteration;
love’s loss lamented
line by line.

Yellow pad in hand
we toil and tarry ‘til
the world weeps
in wonderment
at what we’ve written.


(Art Credit)


Anonymous said...

As any poet not worth his salt will tell you, it's lonely at the top.

Shewriting said...

this is good...made me smile - I have one I posted recently venting about fricking free verse. I may send it to just for sh**s and grins :)

Taylor Boomer said...

amazing wonders,
love the image, handsome humor entry.

Reggie White said...

I really like has heart.