Thursday, June 30, 2011

Angel City

Angel City

Los Angeles is a soft-core porn cliché,
all silicon enhanced titillation and come-
fuck-me pumps with no money shot.
Glamour seems so much crueler when
it’s look but don’t touch and no amount
of sunshine can warm an empty bed.

Satisfaction it seems is only for subscribers
and most of this city is access denied.
We’re all on the outside, faces pressed
against the mirrored windows, afraid
that our fifteen have mistakenly been
lost in the mail or given to someone else.



The Schirling said...

Very nice said...

Smooth as usual and cutting edge. Nice write Marty!

Sheila Moore said...

tight write and the come fuck me pumps with no money shot line cracked me up.

Renee said...

Eloquently stated and so very true.