Saturday, September 10, 2011

Petite Danseuse (In memory of Erica Abbott by Melissa Olsen)

Petite Danseuse

A glass of Mark West to toast in your honor.
Our fuzzy brown blanket wraps us in the warmth
and comfort of your memory.
Every day a furry little friend with a snaggle tooth
greets us with your spirit.
You were the first to tell us of gay marriage
and how the family could celebrate our love.
A cultured soul from a classic time with wisdom
beyond your years.
Vibrant. Passion. Brilliance. Artistic talent.
A teacher of sorts, striving for perfection
and unabashedly sharing tribulations, successes.
How we mourn for you, Petite Danseuse, but feel peace
and love surround us. You calm us, tell us
to get past the rage.
Do not fear, for traditions will change and it’s okay.
You are swimming in the ocean.
So we pour a glass and savor the velvety taste.
With each recipe, we reminisce, we wonder,
and we thank every beautiful moment shared.

Melissa Olsen

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Anonymous said...

I know it said to post comments on facebook, but it wasn't allowing me to - so I apologize.

I just wanted to say this was absolutely beautiful, and I'm deeply sorry for your loss. A wonderful tribute to your loved one.

Morning said...

what delightful sentiments you have shown here.

profound entry.
Happy Rally.

Ann LeFlore said...

Such a lovely tribute to your loved one and so sorry for your loss

Brian Miller said...

nicely spun tribute SMG...and felt...i am sorry for your loss..she sounds like quite the person....

The Cello Strings said...


Thanks for sharing,

Anonymous said...

So sad and still so full of love and joy! I'm saddened, after reading this, that I never had a chance to know your friend but I am also extremely happy that you shared her memory in this brilliant piece.

jen revved said...

A heartfelt elegy-- it is so good to know that in such a turbulent time we can still feel for others, genuine grief, real loss. What a double-edged sword for poets, yes? xxxj

Beachanny said...

Tragedy in a blurb cannot be ignored. What a fine, fine thing to write this poem, to capture her joy, her spirit, her movement, her raison d'etre. I feel as though I've met her and lost her too soon. Exquisite. G.