Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Poet Warrior

Poet Warrior

I am the Norse god Bragi
lyricist for the conquests
and defeats of antiquity.
I have sailed the North Sea
by aurora borealis light,
singing songs of victory
drunk with the spoils
of Lindesfarne Abbey.

I am a Celtic warrior born
from the waters of the Rhine
before stone sheathed steel.
With the blessings of Taranis
I have marched into battle
to taste Etruscan blood
and watch Virdomarus
fall to the sword of Rome.

I am of the tribe Myaamia
descended from ancient Adena.
I've hunted with wolven stealth
and flown on raven's wings.
I swear an oath of vengeance
to the Moon, Earth and Sun;
the Ohio shall one day flow red
with the white man's blood.



Brian Miller said...

nice...really enjoy all the detail you put into this character, but also the strong voice at the end giving him purpose...

Eden Baylee said...

A different feel from some of your other poetry.

There's a lot of testosterone in this one.


Reflections said...

A powerful voice, vindictive, yet forthright. Nicely shared.

Claudia said...

oh - this felt like home to me...i live just a few minutes from the river rhine...and rome of course...i fell in love with her when i visited this summer...so...had a hard time concentrating on the message...smiles
really strong voice here steven..love the mythology you're weaving in...the i am is very effective..great to read a piece of yours first thing in the morning..

Sheila Moore said...

I like this, Steve. There seems to be a lot of detailed references that you presented in a powerful way. I could picture this Native American standing strong while declaring this proclamation.

gautami tripathy said...

You made it come alive...

chained the present

Victoria said...

Steven, nicely hewn take on these myths. I like the "I am..." intro to each stanza. The last one especially commanded my attention.

Michelle said...

You continue to reach and achieve. Appreciated.

booguloo said...

Thanks Steven. I enjoyed that.

Taylor Boomer said...


eloquent words.

shail said...

A word picture that comes alive :)

August said...

vivid descriptions, wow.