Thursday, February 21, 2013

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

There is a place where science,
philosophy, religion and poetry
come together. It’s a lonely
intersection high in the mountains
just south of certainty.

If you ever go there you might see God
playing cards with Nietzsche, or Einstein
and Bashō laughing over a cocktail.

I visit more frequently as I get older
and as the absolutes of my youth
rot in their respective junk drawers.
The love I used to hold is now
the shape of air and I’m beginning
to think that I’m a mere 21 grams
from nothingness.

When you find yourself
a float on a Stygian waterway
and Charon acts as your guide,
look for me dancing
on the far shore line.

I won’t have any answers
but I’ll damn sure offer you a drink.


1 comment:

Eden Baylee said...

Not what I expected from the title, but I liked it. Good twist,