Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sometimes there’s just no poetry and...

Sometimes there’s just no poetry

you sit and watch the clock and the
steady movement of the hands slo-
wly reach  out  in search  of a drink
is  as  close  to  love as  you can  get
lost in the faces of strangers as they
pass  by  on  the  street signs speak
foreign words and  remind  you of
how far you are from home is only
a memory fading like bright colors
in the sun faints  again  at the  app-
roach of the darkness does not care
that you are alone in this room wat-
ing the hands of the clock.



Brian Miller said...

ha. the lack of punctuation and the end words of sentences starting other sentences serving double purpose is really cool all from watching the hands of the clock move tick

Steven Marty Grant said...

Thank god somebody understands my crazy invented poetry form. I have named the form "Runaround".

Chris Lawrence said...

At first it seems random then delve deeper and it is tight very tight brilliantly done

colleen said...

I am curious about what the waitresses said! I love bad verse in a country song gone wrong and hope falling like a stone.