Thursday, August 22, 2013



“Hi Marty, it’s me.
I woke up this morning
and I couldn’t remember why
I was here so I think it’s time to go.

I know I loved you once
but the wind has changed direction
and I need to follow it. I wish you well
but I’ll understand if you can’t return the favor”



Brian Miller said...

ouch. not the voicemail you want to hear...especially if you are not expecting it...the dear john of the new age eh?

Beachanny said...

Modern, compressed, mobile vm "dear john" - like that gypsy in Chocolat doomed to follow the call of the wind. Liked it -- a lot!

Anonymous said...

Very cool...that's how it's done these days...right to the point.

Buddah Moskowitz said...

AT least you weren't dumped in a 140 character tweet - that'd be really demoralizing - but then again, having her say I don't know why I'm here can't be too good for the old ego,

great write, this is. Mosk

Heaven said...

Ouch ~ I hate that people can't say good bye face to face ~ This is good ~

Mary said...

Sigh, voice mails make things that should be relayed personally WAY too easy. But it is a bit more 'personal' than a text or an email, I suppose. I enjoyed your 55.

Margaret said...

"I can't remember why I'm here"... wow. That would be a punch to the gut. Yes, a modern day "Dear John" is what I thought at first, but then, perhaps, it would need to be tweeted for that? ;)

Mark Walters said...

The digital dear John. That might actually be a relief to some.

Björn said...

So sad, but at least it's better than an SMS dear John

Anonymous said...

55 words to throw away so much on a whim? Seems harsh to me.