Thursday, April 10, 2014

Streets of Philadelphia

Streets of Philadelphia

Adam Raised a Cain
Hungry Heart-- Fire
Tougher Than the Rest

Better Days
Growing Up
Blood Brothers
The Ties That Bind

Eyes on the Prize
My Beautiful Reward
Blinded By the Light
If I Should Fall Behind

My Best Was Never Good Enough
Two Faces-- Worlds Apart
Murder Incorporated
Souls of the Departed

This Hard Land
The Promised Land
Secret Garden --Jungleland

This Life-- Life Itself
Kingdom of Days

Jesus Was an Only Son

Bruce Springsteen & SMG

This is a “found poem” loosely based on the D’Verse Poet’s writing prompt found here. Each phrase is an unedited Bruce Springsteen song title arranged to (hopefully) form a poem of sorts.


Claudia said...

i have a lot of ear worms now... not exactly book spine but cool what you did with the springsteen titles..i would love to make my poems work with music.. tried on occasions..

Björn said...

songtitles.. and indeed a few I recognized immediately

Other Mary said...

Interesting direction you took this in. And269 gotta love Springsteen!

Anonymous said...

I saw Springsteen live in '85 - before some of these songs were recorded. Gotta love some of these songs - and a few you didn't mention.

Mystic_Mom said...

A very cool take on the prompt - and a cool artist to use!

Grace said...

This was an interesting read - titles of songs into a poem ~ I know some of them, smiles ~

Semaphore said...

An interesting variation to the stacked book poem! I'm a Springsteen fan myself, and it was such a thrill to see all those titles put together into something amazing. Well done!

Semaphore said...

A neat twist on the spine poetry framework. I'm also a Springsteen fan, so it was a thrill to see these song titles woven into a poem like this. Well done!