Friday, February 7, 2014

Vision Problems Associated with the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack

Vision Problems Associated with the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack

I keyed numbers into the spreadsheet
that I had opened on my laptop; January
Housing Fee, Spring Semester Meal Plan,
Tuition and so on. The numbers cascaded
down the page in sync with the years
of my daughter’s higher education.

I reached for my phone and sent her
a text message to let her know she was
current with her payment plan so she could
go ahead and complete her registration.
Moments later, announced with familiar
teletype ring tone, I read her reply:

Thx Dad… Luv U

I flipped the screen over to listen to some
Music and saw Dusty Springfield’s Son of
a Preacher Man. I hit play and let my mind
scan backwards like a home movie on rewind.

I paused long enough to see a thirty three old
much thinner version of me dancing around
the living room with a beautiful four year little girl.
When the song was over she would look up and say
“play Preacher song again daddy”.

Other nights it was other songs but she always
knew if we were dancing bedtime could wait.
I paused the memory long enough to wipe
my eyes and hit reply to the text message:

I love you too Boo



Eden Baylee said...

awww, so touching, loved it.

Kate Mia said...

Ahh..tears are always
the best
vision problems...
lovely flow
of life....and

Anonymous said...

sweet :) ~

Kay said...

This made me recall dancing with my son in the kitchen. I wonder if I'll ever dance with him again . . . Such a lovely piece.